Intermot IAM,H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6,H7,H8 series radial piston hydraulic motor

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5000 Unit/Units per Month
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Hydraulic Motors
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Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Intermot radial piston hydraulic motor:
Intermot radial piston hydraulic motor
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Standard export plywood case
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Within 10 days after receipt of payments

Intermot IAM,H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6,H7,H8 series radial piston hydraulic motor

1. Completely interchangeable with original

2. Low speed, high torque

3. Perfect reliability,high efficiency and long life

4. Low noise and wide range of speed

5. Widely applicable for mining machinery, heavy duty transportation equipment and metallurgy machinery, petroleum mining machinery, maritime deck machinery, machine tools and drilling equipment etc.

6. Very competitive price

7. 1 year of warranty

8. Short delivery time


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Model numbers list:

IAM H1 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, Distributor: D31, D40, D47.

IAM100H1A0D31. IAM100H1A1D40. IAM100H1A2D31.

IAM150H1A0D31. IAM150H1A1D40. IAM150H1A2D31.

IAM175H1A0D31. IAM175H1A1D40. IAM175H1A2D31.

IAM195H1A0D31. IAM195H1A1D40. IAM195H1A2D31.

IAM200H1A0D31. IAM200H1A1D40. IAM200H1A2D31.

IAM250H1A0D31. IAM250H1A1D40. IAM250H1A2D31.

IAM300H1A0 D31. IAM300H1A1D40. IAM300H1A2D31.

IAM H2 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, Distributor: D31, D40, D47.

IAM200H2A0D31. IAM200H2A1D40. IAM200H2A2D31.

IAM300H2A0D31. IAM300H2A1D40. IAM300H2A2D31.

IAM350H2A0D31. IAM350H2A1D40. IAM350H2A2D31.

IAM400H2A0D31. IAM400H2A1D40. IAM400H2A2D31.

IAM450H2A0D31. IAM450H2A1D40. IAM450H2A2D31.

IAM500H2A0D31. IAM500H2A1D40. IAM500H2A2D31.

IAM600H2A0D31. IAM600H2A1D40. IAM600H2A2D31.

IAM H3 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, Distributor: D31, D40, D47.

IAM350H3A0D31. IAM350H3A1D40. IAM350H3A2D47.

IAM400H3A0D31. IAM400H3A1D40. IAM400H3A2D47.

IAM450H3A0D31. IAM450H3A1D40. IAM450H3A2D47.

IAM500H3A0D31. IAM500H3A1D40. IAM500H3A2D47.

IAM600H3A0D31. IAM600H3A1D40. IAM600H3A2D47.

IAM650H3A0D31. IAM650H3A1D40. IAM650H3A2D47.

IAM700H3A0D31. IAM700H3A1D40. IAM700H3A2D47.

IAM800H3A0D31. IAM800H3A1D40. IAM800H3A2D47.

IAM H4 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, Distributor: D31, D40, D47.

IAM700H4A0D31. IAM700H4 A1 D40. IAM700H4A2D47.

IAM800H4A0D31. IAM800H4 A1 D40. IAM800H4A2D47.

IAM850H4A0D31. IAM850H4 A1 D40. IAM850H4A2D47.

IAM900H4A0D31. IAM900H4 A1 D40. IAM900H4A2D47.

IAM1000H4A0D31. IAM1000H4 A1 D40. IAM1000H4A2D47.

IAM1100H4A0D31. IAM1100H4 A1 D40. IAM1100H4A2D47.

IAM1200H4A0D31. IAM1200H4 A1 D40. IAM1200H4A2D47.

IAM1250H4A0D31. IAM1250H4 A1 D40. IAM1250H4A2D47.

IAM1400H4A0D31. IAM1400H4 A1 D40. IAM1400H4A2D47.

IAM H5 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, A11. Distributor: D55, D75.

IAM1000H5A0D55. IAM1000H5A1D55. IAM1000H5A2D75.

IAM1200H5A0D55. IAM1200H5A1D55. IAM1200H5A2D75.

IAM1400H5A0D55. IAM1400H5A1D55. IAM1400H5A2D75.

IAM1500H5A0D55. IAM1500H5A1D55. IAM1500H5A2D75.

IAM1600H5A0D55. IAM1600H5A1D55. IAM1600H5A2D75.

IAM1800H5A0D55. IAM1800H5A1D55. IAM1800H5A2D75.

IAM2000H5A0D55. IAM2000H5A1D55. IAM2000H5A2D75.

IAM2200H5A0D55. IAM2200H5A1D55. IAM2200H5A2D75.

IAM H6 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, A11. A12. Distributor: D90.

IAM2200H6A0D90. IAM2200H6A1D90. IAM2200H6A11D90.

IAM2500H6A0D90. IAM2500H6A1D90. IAM2500H6A12D90.

IAM2800H6A0D90. IAM2800H6A2D90. IAM2800H6A3D90.

IAM3000H6A0D90. IAM3000H6A2D90. IAM3000H6A11D90.

IAM3200H6A0D90. IAM3200H6A3D90. IAM3200H6A12D90.

IAM3500H6A0D90. IAM3500H6A11D90. IAM3500H6A2D90.

IAM H7 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4. Distributor: D90.

IAM3900H7A0D90. IAM3900H7A1 D90. IAM3900H7A4D90.

IAM4300H7A0D90. IAM4300H7A1 D90. IAM4300H7A4D90.

IAM4600H7A0D90. IAM4600H7A2 D90. IAM4600H7A3D90.

IAM5000H7A0D90. IAM5000H7A2 D90. IAM5000H7A4D90.

IAM5400H7A0D90. IAM5400H7A3 D90. IAM5400H7A4D90.

IAM H8 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A11, A22. A5. Distributor: D200.

IAM6000H8A0D200. IAM6000H8A1D200. IAM6000H8A11D200.

IAM6500H8A0D200. IAM6500H8A1D200. IAM6500H8A22D200.

IAM6800H8A0D200. IAM6800H8A2D200. IAM6800H8A5D200.

IAM7600H8A0D200. IAM7600H8A5D200. IAM7600H8A11D200.

IAM8000H8A0D200. IAM8000H8A5D200. IAM8000H8A22D200.

IAM H45 series, shaft type: A0, A1. Distributor: D40, D47. D55. D75

IAM1100H45A0D40. IAM1100H45A1D55. IAM1100H45A0D47.

IAM1400H45A0D40. IAM1400H45A1D55. IAM1400H45A0D47.

IAM1600H45A0D40. IAM1600H45A1D55. IAM1600H45A0D75.

IAM1800H45A0D40. IAM1800H45A1D55. IAM1800H45A0D75.

IAM H55 series, shaft type: A0, A1. A2. Distributor: D90

IAM2200H55A0D90. IAM2200H55A1D90. IAM2200H55A2D90.

IAM2500H55A0D90. IAM2500H55A1D90. IAM2500H55A2D90.

IAM2800H55A0D90. IAM2800H55A1D90. IAM2800H55A2D90.

IAM3000H55A0D90. IAM3000H55A1D90. IAM3000H55A2D90.